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Introduction to Statistical Inference for Data Analytics

STAT 3202: Introduction to Statistical Inference for Data Analytics

Foundational inferential methods for learning about populations from samples, including point and interval estimation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses. Statistical theory is introduced to justify the approaches. The course emphasizes challenges that arise when applying classical ideas to big data, partially through the use of computational and simulation techniques.
Prereq: C- or better in 3201, or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 4202.
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Recent Syllabi

AU20 STAT 3202 Metzger [pdf]
AU20 STAT 3202 Somnath [pdf]

SP20 STAT 3202 Somnath [pdf]
SP20 STAT 3202 Metzger [pdf]

AU19 STAT 3202 Metzger [pdf]

SP19 STAT 3202 Dalpiaz [pdf]
SP19 STAT 3202 TR section Sinnott [pdf]
SP19 STAT 3202 WF section Sinnott [pdf]

SP18 STAT 3202 Sinnott [pdf]  
SP18 STAT 3202 Lee [pdf]

AU17 STAT 3202 Chang [pdf]

SP17 STAT 3202 Kubatko [pdf]    
SP17 STAT 3202 Sinnott [pdf]

SP15 STAT 3202 Kabatko [pdf]

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