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Course Enrollment

Most registration happens through your BuckeyeLink. For more detailed information, see SIS My BuckeyeLink Reference Guide. For registration instructions, see the Graduate School course registration page. Refer to the program guide for details on your requirements.

Course Loads and Credit Hour Requirements

Course loads for full-time graduate students can vary depending upon a student's appointment or point in his or her degree program. See the Graduate School course registration page for details on credit hour requirements based on your level and funding.

Enrollment Appointment and Holds

Graduate students typically begin scheduling around the 10th week of the semester for the next semester. In your BuckeyeLink, click “enrollment appointment details” to view the date and time when you are able to begin scheduling classes. Students are encouraged to enroll early to avoid potential enrollment issues such as courses filling up, late fees, petitions, etc. If you have a hold on your account, your BuckeyeLink will list what the hold is for and who to contact for more information. Note that each semester you will be required to complete the Financial Responsibility Statement prior to registering for classes.

Semester Registration Deadlines

See the Registrar’s website for details on course registration and drop deadlines for the current term.

Course Enrollment Permission to Add Courses

If you wish to enroll in a course which requires permission to enroll, you must obtain the necessary permission by the relevant deadline and submit the approval to a staff member who will enroll you. Below are the general deadlines for a semester-long course. See the Registrar's website for additional deadlines and details regarding potential late fees. You can use Find People to look up instructor contact information.

Deadlines and Procedures

  1. Through 5pm on the 1st Friday of the semester, you just need instructor permission.*
  2. After 5pm on the 1st Friday of the semester and by 5pm on the 2nd Friday of the semester, you need the approval of the instructor and your advisor*.
  3. After the 2nd Friday, a request to add a course would require a Late Course Petition through the Graduate School’s online forms portal gradforms.osu.edu. Once the form is submitted by the student, the necessary approvers are notified via email for their approval. If approved, the Graduate School will enroll you. Please be aware of potential late fees. See the Registrar's website for details.

*For #1 and #2, complete a Course Enrollment Permission Form available at the Registrar's Forms website (and acquire the required signatures), and take it to the Graduate School in 247 University Hall. Alternatively, the Graduate School will accept an instructor’s email in lieu of a signed Course Enrollment Permission form. To use the email method, forward the following (A-G) to the Graduate School Registration Services at grad-schoolregistrationservices@osu.edu.

  1. Your instructor’s email response 
  2. Your Ohio State username (name. #) 
  3. Semester or term and year of course 
  4. Course department 
  5. Course number 
  6. Class number 
  7. Number of credit hours

Note: The following are guidelines for individual study and PhD dissertation research courses. Please discuss with the instructor and include the agreed upon course number and credit hours in your request.

  • STAT 6193: master’s and pre-QII PhD students
  • STAT 8193: post-QII/pre-candidacy PhD students
  • STAT 8999: post-candidacy PhD students

Course Withdrawal Process

The following deadlines apply to semester-long classes. Refer to the Registrar’s website for a complete list of deadlines for the term.

  1. Through the 4th Friday of the semester, students can drop courses online via BuckeyeLink.
  2. After the 4th Friday and by the 10th Friday, students must fill out the Course Enrollment Permission Form (available from the Registrar's Forms website) and have your advisor sign it. The form should go to the Graduate School in 247 University Hall and their staff will process the drop.
  3. After the 10th Friday, a petition will be required. The Late Course Petition form is online through gradforms.osu.edu. Once the form is submitted, the instructor and advisor are notified via email for their approval. Typically, only extenuating circumstances will be approved by the Graduate School.

Note: If you drop a course after the fourth Friday, you will receive a “W” on your transcript to show that you attempted and withdrew from the course. The “W” does not affect your GPA, but accumulating many “W’s” can affect your eligibility to receive financial aid. Prior to dropping a course, you should consider how the reduced course load could affect your financial aid eligibility, visa status, etc. Be sure to monitor your schedule to ensure the drop is processed.

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