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Research Planning

Collaborating with the SCS in the early stages of a research project is the best way to ensure high-quality, meaningful results. We help experimenters clearly define the research questions their study should answer and ensure that the data collected clearly address the questions of interest.

Design of Experiments

By carefully designing experiments in the early stages of a research project, many common difficulties in analysis can be avoided. Our consultants have expertise in developing experimental methodology for a wide range of applications. In all cases, we strive to find a scientific methodology that will obtain the most information possible from a limited number of experimental trials.

Survey Design and Analysis

The SCS believes that the best survey research starts with a data analysis plan in mind. SCS staff can help translate your research goals into an analysis plan based on sound statistical practices. With an analysis plan in mind, we can advise you on the most appropriate survey methods for your goals and your budget. By combining our statistical expertise with experience in conducting surveys, we are able to produce surveys that incorporate with the best survey methodologies. The SCS assists clients with the following aspects of survey research:

Sample Design

By carefully designing a survey sampling plan using statistical design of experiments concepts, it is possible to obtain useful information while controlling survey costs.

Questionnaire Design

The SCS can help develop a questionnaire that efficiently collects your data. We can advise you on potential design issues such as question wording, question order, and response order effects.

Result Tabulation and Weighting

SCS statisticians can analyze and interpret survey results keeping in mind potential issues such as nonresponse bias. In addition, expertise in weighting methodologies allows us to account for possible biases due to sampling anomalies.

Specialized Analysis of Results

Our staff includes two Ph.D. statisticians who are able to apply advanced statistical modeling techniques (e.g., spatial modeling) to survey data to extract more information from your data than simple tabular summaries. Our position within the university also provides us with access to experts in hundreds of subject-matter fields for more in-depth analyses.

Statistical Modeling and Analysis

The consultants at the SCS have a broad range of statistical backgrounds and talents allowing for the most effective methodology to be applied to each problem. In addition to applying standard statistical techniques such as analysis of variance (ANOVA), regression, and multiple sample comparisons, our consultants have expertise in time series analysis, spatial modeling, generalized linear modeling, Bayesian hierarchical modeling, and other specialized methodologies.

Independent Verification of Statistical Analyses and Results

With the proliferation of user-friendly statistical software, it is becoming easier to apply ever-more sophisticated modeling techniques to all types of data. Our consultants, armed with a knowledge of the theory underlying statistical techniques, can determine whether statistical methodologies have been applied appropriately and whether conclusions reached by other researchers are reasonable.