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Rustagi Memorial Lecture

This annual lecture series is funded by an endowment established by Dr. Jagdish S. Rustagi, former chair and emeritus professor, Department of Statistics, in honor of his parents. Each year, a distinguished scholar is invited to present a lecture to university faculty and students, and other professionals in the community.

List of Speakers

Professor Michael I Jordan, University of California, Berkeley (2022)
Professor Richard Samworth, University of Cambridge (2021)
Professor Jeffry Rosenthal, University of Toronto (2020)
Professor Nancy Reid, University of Toronto (2019)
Professor Dennis Cook, University of Minnesota (2018)
Professor Larry Wasserman, Carnegie Mellon University  (2017)
Professor Bin Yu, University of California, Berkeley  (2016)
Professor Elizabeth Thompson, University of Washington  (2015)
Professor David Madigan, Columbia University  (2014)
Dr. Alice S. Whittemore, Stanford University School of Medicine  (2013)
Professor Stephen E. Fienberg, Carnegie Mellon University  (2012)
Professor Xiao-Li Meng, Harvard University  (2011)
Professor Gary G. Koch, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill  (2010)
Dr. Gregory Campbell, Food and Drug Administration  (2009)
Professor Jerry Friedman, Stanford University  (2008)
Professor James Berger, SAMSI & Duke University  (2007)
Professor Nan Laird, Harvard University  (2006)
Professor Raymond J. Carroll, Texas A&M University  (2005)
Professor Michael Stein, University of Chicago  (2004)
Professor C.R. Rao, Pennsylvania State University  (2003)
Professor Richard L. Smith, University of North Carolina  (2002)
Professor Thomas Kailath, Stanford University  (2001)
Professor Herbert A. David, Iowa State University  (2000)
Professor Wing Hung Wong, University of California, Los Angeles  (1999)
Professor Terry Speed, University of California, Berkeley  (1998)
Professor Edward Wegman, George Mason University  (1997)
Professor Donald Rubin, Harvard University  (1996)
Professor Valery B. Nevzorov, St. Petersburgh State University, Russia  (1995)
Professor Vijay Nair, University of Michigan  (1994)
Statistical Innovations for Quality Improvement in Manufacturing (Conference)  (1993)
Professor Herbert Robbins, Rutgers University  (1992)
Professor Larry Brown, Cornell University  (1991)
Professor Neils Keiding, Stat. Res. Unit, University of Copenhagen, Denmark  (1990)
Professor Carl Morris, University of Texas  (1989)
Professor Herman Chernoff, Harvard University  (1988)