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Overview for Current Students

The information in this current students section of the website contains information pertaining to current students in the MAS, MS and PhD in Statistics programs. Information regarding the PhD in Biostatistics program can be found on the Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Biostatistics website. Dual Degree students can refer to our Dual Degree page for additional information on how to complete a dual program. All graduate students at the university must adhere to policies and procedures set forth by the Graduate School and students can refer to the Graduate School website for additional information.

For information on the Graduate Minor in Statistical Data Analysis and the Graduate Minor in Statistics, please refer to our graduate minors page. For a complete list of degree options including Graduate Minors, Graduate Interdisciplinary Specializations and Dual Degree opportunities at the university, see the Graduate School website.

Details of the program requirements for the MAS, MS and PhD in Statistics programs, as well as the Graduate Minor in Statistical Data Analysis and the Graduate Minor in Statistics can be found in our program guide.


Questions regarding academics can be directed to the Graduate Studies Chair, Dr. Xinyi Xu (xu.214@osu.edu) and/or your advisor. Note that Dr. Xu also serves as the advisor for all statistics master's students (except MS students who choose a thesis advisor) and all incoming PhD students until they select an advisor in their third year.

The Graduate School can also serve as a resource for students regarding Graduate School policies and procedures. Contact information can be found on the Graduate School website.