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Graduate Minors

Graduate students from a wide range of backgrounds, including business, engineering, the sciences and more, are adding a graduate minor in statistics to their transcript. In today’s world of data analytics and big data, being able to collect and analyze data is even more critical than ever before. Our department is on the cutting edge of both theory and application of statistical ideas and techniques, putting you in a great position to take advantage of our knowledge, resources and guidance to help you gain an edge in the workplace. We are confident that adding one of our minors to your transcript will enhance your resume, your job options, and the depth and breadth of your future research projects.

We offer two graduate minors, one in statistical data analysis (more applied) and one in statistics (more theoretical); each has its own requirements. To see the requirements of each minor see our program guide. To see descriptions of our courses, see our courses pages.


Prior to beginning the graduate minor in statistical data analysis, students should have completed Math 1075 or equivalent, or Math Placement Level R.

Prior to beginning the graduate minor in statistics, students should have completed Math 2153.

How To Apply

(see the Graduate School website for details)

  1. Submit a Minor and Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization form in gradforms.osu.edu listing the courses you wish to use towards the minor. If accepted, the minor program will approve the electronic program form.
  2. If changes in the approved curriculum are necessary, the student must have the change approved by the minor program by contacting the program coordinator.
  3. When the student has completed the courses for the minor program, the student must complete the minor Transcript Designation form in gradforms.osu.edu for final review. Once reviewed and approved by the minor program and the Graduate School, the designation will be posted to the student’s academic record. Note: If the student will complete the minor courses in the semester of graduation, the student should 1) submit the Transcript Designation request during the final semester prior to the grade being posted and 2) email Caitlin Donahue (donahue.250@osu.edu) to inform her of the graduation timeline.


Contact the Department of Statistics Graduate Program Coordinator, Caitlin Donahue (donahue.250@osu.edu