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Undergraduate Minor

A demonstrated knowledge and working understanding of basic statistical techniques and methods has become a critical element for students in many disciplines including business, engineering, life sciences and social sciences. The undergraduate minor in statistics is designed as a valuable asset to enhance most undergraduate majors and their career opportunities. Students must successfully complete the requirements as listed in the program guide.

The Department of Statistics has implemented substantial revisions to the undergraduate minor curriculum.  For details, please see the Minor Program Introduction [.pdf].  

A complete list of requirements can be found on the College of Arts and Science’s undergraduate minor program page.


How do I declare an undergraduate minor in statistics?
Schedule an appointment with Antonio Hernandez by calling (614) 292-6961.  

How many classes do I have to take to complete the undergraduate minor in statistics?
The curriculum requires 13 hours and four courses: STAT 3201, STAT 3202, STAT 3301, and a choice of one of the following courses: STAT 3302 or STAT 3303 or STAT 3410 or STAT 5510 or STAT 5550.

The program must be supplemented by approved electives whenever any of these core courses also count toward the requirements of another major or minor.

Do I have to declare the undergraduate minor in statistics before I enroll in these classes?
No. As long as you have met the prerequisites for the class and there are open seats, go ahead and enroll. Follow the instructions on the Course Enrollment page if the course has no open seats. If you are a new student at The Ohio State University who cannot access the wait list, please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator to discuss your situation.

How long does it take to complete the undergraduate minor in statistics?
Most students who have already completed Calculus II (e.g. MATH 1152) will need four semesters to complete the minor requirements. 

What if I haven't taken Calculus II?
You must take Calculus II before beginning the proposed minor curriculum. 

When are the required classes offered?
STAT 3201 and 3202 are offered in both the autumn and spring semesters. Currently, STAT 3301 and STAT 3410 are only offered in autumn semesters, and STAT 3302, STAT 3303 and STAT 5550 are only offered in spring semesters. STAT 5510 may not be offered on a regular basis (the most recent offering was during the spring 2023 semester).

Can I replace core minor requirements with other statistics classes to earn the undergraduate minor in statistics?
No. the core curriculum must be completed as stated in the program guide. Some courses with similar learning objectives may be substituted only as necessary for some dual degrees, but substitutions must be approved.  In these cases, students must take approved supplemental electives.

I am a declared undergraduate statistics minor but now can't take the courses in my minor course plan.
Schedule an appointment with the Statistics minor advisor to revise your minor declaration form, by calling (614) 292-6961.

FAQs for data analytics majors and business analytics minors

Can I get both a data analytics major and statistics minor?
No. The course requirements for the statistics minor are part of the data analytics major core requirements.

Can I get both a data analytics major and statistics major?
No. The learning objectives for the two majors are too similar for the two majors to be meaningful. We recommend that you work with your advisor to identify other ways to enhance your learning outside of your major.

Can I get both a business analytics minor and a statistics minor?
Students can typically only pursue both minors if the business analytics minor elective requirements are not fulfilled by statistics courses. The seven credit hours for STAT 3201 and STAT 3202 may not be counted toward the credit hour requirements of both minors.  Students should work with their advisors to declare both minors.

FAQs for mathematics and actuarial science majors

My major requires me to take STAT 4202, which makes me ineligible to take STAT 3202. How would I complete the minor?
See the summary of the curriculum and contact Antonio Hernandez by calling (614) 292-6961 if you have questions.

I took MATH 4530 (or MATH 5530H) rather than STAT 4201 or STAT 3201. Do I still need to take STAT 4201 or STAT 3201 for statistics minor?
No. Students who have already completed MATH 4530 or 5530H may not enroll in STAT 4201 or STAT 3201. You will need to take STAT 5730 to satisfy the prerequisites for STAT 3301 and an additional statistics elective to meet the curricular requirements.

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