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50th Anniversary Statistics Graduate Student Support Fund

This fund provides support to students admitted to pursue or currently pursuing a graduate degree in Statistics or a PhD in Biostatistics. Such support could include GRA positions and fellowships.

Statistics Graduate Student Support Fund

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50th Anniversary Statistics Visiting Scholar Fund

This fund provides support for short-term visitors to enrich the educational experience for graduate students affiliated with the Department of Statistics and/or the research environment for faculty in the Department of Statistics.  Such support could include a one-semester or 7-week visit from a professor on professional leave from their home institution.

Statistics Visiting Scholar Fund

A closeup of a detail on the exterior of Cockins Hall

Statistics Support Fund

Provides the chair with the flexibility to fund small but urgent academic and research priorities as well as the ability to host important community building events within the department.

Give to the Statistics Support Fund

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A headshot of Patrick McHugh

Patrick McHugh

I am extremely grateful for this scholarship. I took the statistics PhD program's Qualifying Exam II. This exam covers all coursework from the first two years of the program. It is extremely challenging, and many students notoriously do not pass. I worked extremely hard this summer and was able to dedicate most of my time to studying for an exam. As a result of my long preparation, I was fortunately able to pass the exam! It has been a huge goal of mine to earn a PhD, and I am so thankful I have the opportunity to continue working towards one. I am not sure if I could have done this without the additional study time provided by this scholarship.  I think The Ohio State University is so lucky to have awesome donors who invests in its students and in its statistics department as much as they do.

Grace Beebe sitting in a forest

Grace Beebe

I’d like to sincerely thank you for your generous support in funding my college education. As someone who truly values my education, this really means the world to me. A little bit about myself- my name is Grace Beebe and I’m a statistics major at The Ohio State University. I’ve always been a math girl (my parents are accountants so I guess it’s genetics), but for a while I couldn’t find any career options that I liked that were math related. However, I took a statistics class in my junior year of high school, and quickly realized that it was something that I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. After I had figured out my career path, I naturally started to research colleges that have good programs for statistics students. Ohio State really is the right place for me, and I am excited for what the future has to hold! And, with your extra financial help I will be able to focus more on my education and prepare myself for my future career path. Again, thank you so much for your generosity, I really appreciate it.

A headshot of Torey Hilbert

Torey Hilbert

My name is Torey Hilbert, and I am a 3rd year PhD student in Statistics. I study distribution-free methods for inference, with the goal of understanding how to quantify our confidence in models without restrictive assumptions about the data generating process. I attended Ohio State for my undergraduate degree in Math and was drawn here because of the strong math track and the math-related clubs such as "Reading Classics" (student talks about classical mathematics, and the intersection of math and history/culture). I hope to continue doing research in statistical methodology after my PhD, and receiving this fund helped me explore several directions in statistics throughout the summer to find the topic that I am currently studying. Thank you so much!

Through the Office of Development, there are several ways support can be given to the department. Below is a list of funds that benefit the department, as well as a short description of the fund and how your contribution can support the department.

Gary G. Koch and Family Graduate Student Travel Award Endowment Fund: Used to support travel of graduate students in the Department of Statistics to present research at professional meetings.

Graduate Fellow Fund: Graduate fellowship awards given by the Department of Statistics.

Craig Cooley Fund: Established June 29, 2001, by the Department of Statistics. Income provides two awards, the first to recognize outstanding graduate students, and the second, a periodic award to recognize alumni exhibiting excellence in their careers. Unused income is reinvested to principal.

Powers Award Fund: Established June 2, 1989, by Tom and Jean Powers. Income provides an award to deserving junior faculty and graduates in the Department of Statistics to recognize and promote excellence in the teaching of statistics.

Whitney Scholarship Fund: Established June 2, 1989, by Dr. Whitney, friends and students. Income funds special needs, including scholarships, fellowships, distinguished visitors and faculty development.

The Chhotey Lal & Mohra Devi Rustagi Memorial Lectureship Fund: Established August 23, 1989, by Jagdish S. Rustagi, former chair of statistics, in memory of his parents. Income funds honoraria and expenses incurred by visiting lecturers to the Department of Statistics for giving a Chhotey Lal and Mohra Devi Rustagi Memorial Lecture.

Cockins Hall Renovation & Improvement Fund: For the renovation and/or improvement of Cockins Hall.

Company Match

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. If your company is eligible, the impact of your gift to The Ohio State University may be doubled or possibly tripled! Some companies even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

Matching Gifts


How and where you choose to make your philanthropic impact is a very personal decision. Contact Rick Harrison to explore giving opportunities that match your interests, legacy giving, or endowment funds.