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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the SCS provide consulting service free of charge?

The SCS is an earnings unit at OSU, and works on a cost recovery basis. Consequently, we are rarely able to offer our serves free.  (Exceptions are research collaborations that are of mutual interest to our faculty and the client.)  OSU employees, faculty, and students have the option to pay via grant or departmental (e-request) funds. In addition, students at OSU can sign up for Statistics 5760 to receive 17 hours of consulting.

What are the SCS's current rates?

The rates charged by the SCS vary according to the client type (internal vs. external), the individual performing the work, and the total size of the project. Explore the full listing of rates for external entities or the rates for OSU faculty and staff.

Does the SCS accept walk-in clients?

The SCS does not currently accept walk-in clients. The preferred method of contact is through the service request form found on the contact page.

What level of statistical support does the SCS provide to Master's and Doctoral students working on theses?

SCS consultants are aware of the sensitivities related to dissertation and Master's thesis work, so we require the consent of an advisor before performing work to be used in a Master's or Doctoral thesis. In general, if the advisor consents to the use of SCS services, the work can be performed.

Can students without grant funding receive consulting support?

Both undergraduate and graduate students without grant funding can receive consulting support by signing up for Statistics 5760. Signing up for this 3-hour course will provide the student with access to a graduate student consultant. If a student is unable to sign up for 5760 during a given semester, he or she must wait until the next semester to receive consulting support. There is more information available about Statistics 5760.

Where can I find more information on Statistics 5760?

The most commonly asked questions about Stat 5760 are answered here.