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Dissertations & Theses

The following is a list of recent statistics and biostatistics PhD Dissertations and Masters Theses.

Jeffrey Gory (2017)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Marginally Interpretable Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Advisors: Peter Craigmile & Steven MacEachern

Yi Lu (2017)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Function Registration from a Bayesian Perspective
Advisors: Radu Herbei & Sebastian Kurtek

Michael Matthews (2017)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Extending Ranked Sampling in Inferential Procedures
Advisor: Douglas Wolfe

Anna Smith (2017)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Statistical Methodology for Multiple Networks
Advisor: Catherine Calder

Weiyi Xie (2017)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): A Geometric Approach to Visualization of Variability in Univariate and Multivariate Functional Data
Advisor: Sebastian Kurtek

Jingying Zeng (2017)
Masters Thesis (Statistics): Latent Factor Models for Recommender Systems and Market Segmentation Through Clustering
Advisors: Matthew Pratola & Laura Kubatko

Han Zhang (2017)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Detecting Rare Haplotype-Environmental Interaction and Nonlinear Effects of Rare Haplotypes using Bayesian LASSO on Quantitative Traits
Advisor: Shili Lin

Mark Burch (2016)
PhD Dissertation (Biostatistics): Statistical Methods for Network Epidemic Models
Advisor: Grzegorz Rempala

Po-hsu Chen (2016)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Modeling Multivariate Simulator Outputs with Applications to Prediction and Sequential Pareto Minimization
Advisors: Thomas Santner & Angela Dean

Yanan Jia (2016)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Generalized Bilinear Mixed-Effects Models for Multi-Indexed Multivariate Data
Advisor: Catherine Calder

Rong Lu (2016)
PhD Dissertation (Biostatistics): Statistical Methods for Functional Genomics Studies Using Observational Data
Advisor: Grzegorz Rempala (Public Health)

Junyan Wang (2016)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Empirical Bayes Model Averaging in the Presence of Model Misfit
Advisors: Mario Peruggia & Christopher Hans

Ran Wei (2016)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): On Estimation Problems in Network Sampling
Advisors: David Sivakoff & Elizabeth Stasny

Hui Yang (2016)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Adjusting for Bounding and Time-in-Sample Eects in the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) Property Crime Rate Estimation
Advisors: Elizabeth Stasny & Asuman Turkmen

Matthew Brems (2015)
Masters Thesis (Statistis): The Rare Disease Assumption: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Advisor: Shili Lin

Linchao Chen (2015)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Predictive Modeling of Spatio-Temporal Datasets in High Dimensions
Advisors: Mark Berliner & Christopher Hans

Casey Davis (2015)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): A Bayesian Approach to Prediction and Variable Selection Using Nonstationary Gaussian Processes
Advisors: Christopher Hans & Thomas Santner

Victor Gendre (2015)
Masters Thesis (Statistics): Predicting short term exchange rates with Bayesian autoregressive state space models: an investigation of the Metropolis Hastings algorithm forecasting efficiency
Advisor: Radu Herbei

Zhengyu Hu (2015)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Initializing the EM Algorithm for Data Clustering and Sub-population Detection
Advisors: Steven MacEachern & Joseph Verducci

David Kline (2015)
PhD Dissertation (Biostatistics): Systematically Missing Subject-Level Data in Longitudinal Research Synthesis
Advisors: Eloise Kaizar, Rebecca Andridge (Public Health)

Andrew Landgraf (2015)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Generalized Principal Component Analysis: Dimensionality Reduction through the Projection of Natural Parameters
Advisor: Yoonkyung Lee

Andrew Olsen (2015)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): When Infinity is Too Long to Wait: On the Convergence of Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods
Advisor: Radu Herbei

Elizabeth Petraglia (2015)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Estimating County-Level Aggravated Assault Rates by Combining Data from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) and the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)
Advisor: Elizabeth Stasny

Mark Risser (2015)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Spatially-Varying Covariance Functions for Nonstationary Spatial Process Modeling
Advisor: Catherine Calder

John Stettler (2015)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): The Discrete Threshold Regression Model
Advisor: Mario Peruggia

Zachary Thomas (2015)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Bayesian Hierarchical Space-Time Clustering Methods
Advisor: Mark Berliner

Sivaranjani Vaidyanathan (2015)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Bayesian Models for Computer Model Calibration and Prediction
Advisor: Mark Berliner

Xiaomu Wang (2015)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Robust Bayes in Hierarchical Modeling and Empirical Bayes Analysis in Multivariate Estimation
Advisor: Mark Berliner

Staci White (2015)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): Quantifying Model Error in Bayesian Parameter Estimation
Advisor: Radu Herbei

Jiaqi Zaetz (2015)
PhD Dissertation (Statistics): A Riemannian Framework for Shape Analysis of Annotated 3D Objects
Advisor: Sebastian Kurtek

Fangyuan Zhang (2015)
PhD Dissertation (Biostatistics): Detecting genomic imprinting and maternal effects in family-based association studies
Advisor: Shili Lin