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Intermediate Data Analysis I

STAT 5301: Intermediate Data Analysis I

The first course in a two-semester non-calculus sequence in data analysis covering descriptive statistics, design of experiments, probability, statistical inference, one-sample t, goodness of fit, two sample problem, and one-way ANOVA.
Prereq: Math 1075 (104) or equiv, or Math Placement Level of R, or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 5301 (528 and 529), or 5302 (529 and 530). GE data anly course.
Credit Hours

Typical semesters offered are indicated at the bottom of this page. For confirmation check the Schedule of Classes list on the Registrar's website.

Recent Syllabi

AU20 STAT 5301 Peruggia [pdf]

SP20 STAT 5301 Kelbick [pdf]

AU19 STAT 5301 Peruggia [pdf]
AU19 STAT 5301 Zhang [pdf]

SP19 STAT 5301 Zhu [pdf]

AU18 STAT 5301 Kelbick [pdf]
AU18 STAT 5301 Pratola [pdf]
AU18 STAT 5301 Zhang [pdf]

SP18 STAT 5301 Kelbick [pdf]

AU17 STAT 5301 Kelbick [pdf]
AU17 STAT 5301 Peruggia [pdf]  
AU17 STAT 5301 Zhang [pdf] 

SP17 STAT 5301 Kelbick [pdf]
SP17 STAT 5301 Zhang [pdf]

AU16 STAT 5301 Kelbick [pdf]
AU16 STAT 5301 Sinnott [pdf]

SP16 STAT 5301 Odei [pdf]
SP16 STAT 5301 Ramos [pdf]


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