Graduate Students Present at 2011 Joint Statistical Meetings

August 1, 2011
Department of Statistics

The department will be represented at the 2011 Joint Statistical Meetings in Miami this summer by 13 of our graduate students. Thanks to all the presenters for helping us show what impressive students we have. The students and their topics are listed below:

Jonathan Bradley, joint with N. Cressie and T. Shi: “Selection of Rank and Basis Functions in the Spatial Random Effects Model

Jenny Brynjarsdottir, joint with M. Berliner: “Downscaling Temperatures Over the Antarctic Using a Dimension-Reduced Space-Time Modeling Approach

Tian Chen, joint with E. Stasny: “Judgment Post-Stratification for Estimating Success Probability with Nonresponse

Jinguo Gao (Nonparametric Section Student Paper Competition), joint with O. Oztur: “Two-Sample Distribution-Free Inference Based on Partially Rank-Ordered Set Samples

Matthias Katzfuss, joint with N. Cressie: “Bayesian Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Smoothing for Massive Data Sets

Hang Joon Kim, joint with S. MacEachern: “The Generalized Multiset Sampler

Lira Pi, joint with H. Nagaraja: “Fisher Information in Censored Samples from the Block-Basu Bivariate Exponential Distribution and Its Applications

Aritra Sengupta, joint with N. Cressie: “Empirical-Bayesian Inference for Count Data Using the Spatial Random Effects Model

David Spade, joint with R. Herbei and L. Kubatko: “Mixing Times for a Class of Markov Chains on Phylogenetic Tree Spaces

Szu-Yu Tang, joint with Y. Liu (Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company) and J. Hsu: “Testing for broad efficacy and efficacy in genomic subgroups using partitioning principle

Katherine Thompson, joint with S. Lin: “A Robust and Efficient Statistic for Detecting Heterogeneous Cancer Samples

Ruoxi Xu, joint with C. Hans: “Regression Model Stochastic Search via Local Orthogonalization

Dunke Zhou, joint with T. Shi: “Statistical Inference Based on Distances Between Empirical Distributions