National Research Council Rates Ohio State Department of Statistics No. 10 Amongst all Public Institutions with a Graduate Program in Statistics and No. 18 Among all Statistics Graduate Programs

March 24, 2011
Department of Statistics

The data-based assessment of research-doctorate programs in the United States prepared by the National Research Council (NRC) was released on September 28, 2010, much to the delight of our department. The NRC assessment across most academic fields is based on data concerning 20 characteristics that directly impact the quality of graduate programs. Using faculty survey data to determine appropriate weightings for these 20 characteristics, regression-based R rankings of statistics graduate programs were generated. All major graduate programs in statistics were included in this evaluation and our statistics program did quite well in the R rankings.

Our department ranked 18 (tied with Duke University and the University of Washington) among all graduate programs in statistics and ranked 10 (tied with the University of Washington) among all public institutions with graduate programs in statistics.

These two outcomes are in close agreement with the corresponding 2010 U.S. News and World Report rankings of 20 and 12 overall and among public institutions, respectively, for our graduate program in statistics, as reported earlier this year.

In addition, the NRC ranked graduate programs in statistics on several individual characteristics and our department also did quite well on a number of these important factors:

  • Ranked 20 overall (10 among public institutions) in faculty and graduate student research activity (a combination of publications, citations, percent of faculty holding research grants, and recognitions through honors and awards)

  • Ranked 13 (tied with the University of Washington) overall (8 among public institutions) for the percentage of graduates placed in academic positions

  • Ranked 13 overall (6 among public institutions) for the percentage of faculty holding research grants

We are also among the top 20 Statistics graduate programs overall (top 15 public institutions) in several other categories, including number of graduate students, faculty size, average number of PhD's graduated per year, percentage of female graduate students and percentage of female faculty members. We are also one of 22 graduate programs in statistics (15 at public institutions) that provide the full range (all 18) of designated student activities to our graduate students.

These excellent NRC rankings attest to the degree of commitment from our faculty and staff toward providing a quality graduate program in the Department of Statistics. To be in a tie as the 10th best graduate program in statistics at a public institution in the country is a testament to the impact of their effort.

Read additional details of the NRC report.