Statistics and Biostatistics Students Win Joint Statistical Meetings Student Paper Competitions

March 17, 2015
Department of Statistics

Four graduate students won prestigious student paper competitions sponsored by sections of the American Statistical Association. These awards provide funding to attend the Joint Statistical Meetings to be held in Seattle, WA, from August 8–15, 2015.

Mark Risser (Statistics), Regression-based covariance functions for nonstationary spatial modeling — Mark D. Risser and Catherine A. Calder Section on Statistics and the Environment

Staci White (Statistics), A Monte Carlo approach to quantifying discrepancies between intractable posterior distributions — Staci A. White and Radu Herbei Section on Statistics and the Environment

Hui Yang (Statistics), Adjust for bounding and time in sample effects in NCVS property crime rate estimation — Hui Yang, Asuman Turkmen and Elizabeth Stasny Survey Research Methods Section

Fangyuan Zhang (Biostatistics), Optimum study design for detecting Imprinting and maternal effects based on partial likelihood — Fangyuan Zhang, Abbas Khalili (McGill University) and Shili Lin Biometrics Section