Twenty-Four Statistics Department Graduate Students Will Present at the 2012 Joint Statistical Meetings in San Diego This Summer

July 17, 2012
Department of Statistics

The statistics department will be represented by 24 of our graduate students at the 2012 JSM in San Diego this summer:

Stephen Bamattre, joint with J. Verducci: “Tau Path Test for Subpopulation Dependency: Basics, Extensions and Examples”
Tayler Blake: “Nonparametric Covariance Estimation for Functional Data with Shrinkage Toward Stationary Models”
Jonathan Bradley, joint with N. Cressie and T. Shi: “Model Selection for Very Large Spatial Data Sets”
Dao-Peng Chen: “Statistical Power for Detecting Several Epigenetic Factors Using RNA-Seq Data”
Tian Chen, joint with T. Shi and E. Stasny: “Judgment Post-Stratification Estimation of a Population Proportion with High Missing Data Rate”
David Gerard, joint with J. Verducci and Stephen Bamattre: “Probability of Concordance Monster (PoC-Mon) Devours Discordance on and off the Tau Path”
Jeffrey Gory, joint with H. Sweeney (North Carolina State University): “Comparison of Internal Model Validation Methods for Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction to Find Genetic Heterogeneity Models”
Alice Hinton, joint with H. Nagaraja and B. Rovin (OSU College of Medicine): “A Discriminant Function for Renal Inflammatory Activity Associated with Lupus Nephritis”
Beom Seuk Hwang, joint with M. Pennell: “Semiparametric Bayesian Joint Modeling of a Binary and Continuous Outcome with Applications in Toxicological Risk Assessment”
Hang J Kim (SBSS Student Paper Competition Winner), joint with S. MacEachern: “The Generalized Multiset Sampler: Theory and Its Application”
Sungmin Kim, joint with T. Shi: “Decomposition of a Sparse Directed Graph”
John Lewis, joint with S. MacEachern and Y. Lee: “Robust Inference via the Blended Paradigm”
Zhiyu Liang, joint with Y. Lee: “Demystifying Feature Mapping via Kernels”
Liang Niu, joint with S. Lin: “Mixture Models for Estimation and Inference in Basic Science and Mixture Modeling for Identifying Spatial Interactions of Chromatins”
Lira Pi, joint with H. Nagaraja: “Connections Between Fisher Information in Censored Samples from Folded and Unfolded Distributions”
Srinath Sampath, joint with J. Verducci: “Is There a Partial Consensus Ordering Among Rankings?”
Aritra Sengupta, joint with N. Cressie: “A Hierarchical GLM for Cloud Data Using the Spatial Random Effects Model”
Anthony Sgambellone, joint with O. Ozturk and E. Stasny: “The Discarded Information of Ranked-Set Sampling and Judgment Post-Stratification”
Agniva Som, joint with C. Hans and S. MacEachern: “Bayesian Modeling with Prior Information on the Strength of Regression”
Danielle Sullivan, joint with R. Andridge: “Hosmer-Lemeshow Goodness-of-Fit Test for Multiply Imputed Data”
Szu-Yu Tang, joint with J. Hsu: “Testing for Efficacy in Multiple Genetic Subgroups”
Meng Wang, joint with S. Lin: “Logistic Bayesian Lasso for Detecting Rare Haplotypes Using Family Trios”
Zhiguang Xu, joint with S. MacEachern, and X. Xu: “Nonparametric Bayesian Modeling of Non-Gaussian Time Series with Conditional Heteroskedasticity”
Jingjing Yan, joint with S. MacEachern and C. Wu (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics): “A Robust Latent Cusum Chart for Monitoring Business Customer Attrition”