Twenty-One Statistics and Biostatistics Students Will Present at 2013 Joint Statistical Meetings in Montreal, Canada

July 15, 2013
Department of Statistics

The statistics department will be represented at the 2013 Joint Statistical Meetings in Montreal this summer by 21 of our graduate students! The students and their topics are listed below:

Robert Ashmead: “A Causal Framework for Intervention Evaluation with Survey Data”
Shasha Bai, joint with A. Shoben and H. Nagaraja: “Simultaneous Inference of Method Agreement and Rater Reliability Through General Clustered Repeated-Measures Data”
Casey Davis, joint with C. Hans and T. Santner: “Bayesian Analysis of Nonstationary Composite Gaussian Process Models”
Kevin Donges, joint with C. Calder and D. Wheeler, Virginia Commonwealth University: “A Simulation Study of the Effect of Study Duration on Modeling Environmental Risk of Cancer”
Alice Hinton, joint with H. Nagaraja: “Estimation of Misclassification Rates in Discriminant Analysis with Normal Populations”
Beom Seuk Hwang, joint with M. Pennell: “Semiparametric Bayesian Joint Modeling of Clustered Binary and Continuous Outcomes with Informative Cluster Size”
Yanan Jia, joint with C. Calder: "Bilinear Mixed Effects Models for Affiliation Networks"
Sungmin Kim, joint with T. Shi: “Scalable Spectral Algorithms for Community Detection in Directed Networks”
John Lewis, joint with S. MacEachern and Y. Lee: “Bayesian Inference via the Blended Paradigm”
Zhiyu Liang, joint with Y. Lee: “On the Effect of Centering Kernels in Kernel PCA”
Andrew Olsen, joint with R. Herbei: “Independent Approximate Draws from High-Dimensional Intractable Probability Distributions”
Mark Risser, joint with C. Calder: “A Nonstationary Spatial Covariance Regression Model”
Srinath Sampath, joint with J. Verducci: “How Stable Are Top Choices Over Time? An Investigation into Preferences Among Popular Baby Names in the United States”
Grant Schneider, joint with R. Herbei and P. Craigmile: “An Importance Sampling Approach for Exploring Likelihoods of Stochastic Differential Equations”
Danielle Sullivan, joint with R. Andridge: “Hot Deck Imputation of Nonignorable Missing Data with Sensitivity Analysis”
Katherine Thompson, joint with L. Kubatko: “Using Ancestral Information to Detect and Localize Quantitative Trait Loci in Genome-Wide Association Studies”
Staci White, joint with R. Herbei: “Quantifying Model Error in Posterior Distributions”
Zhiguang Xu, joint with S. MacEachern and X. Xu: “Modeling Non-Gaussian Stochastic Process with Bayesian Copula Method”
Jingjing Yan, joint with E. Kaizar and S. MacEachern: “Likelihood-Based Meta-Analysis: Conditional vs. Unconditional Approaches”
Jiangyong Yin, joint with X. Xu: “Regularized Portfolio Optimization Using Constrained Hierarchical Bayes Models”
Wenjun Zheng, joint with P. Craigmile: “Wavelet-Based Estimation for Stationary Gaussian Time Series”