Justin Strait

Statistics PhD Student
Graduate Students

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Previous Education: BS in Atmospheric Sciences and BS in Mathematics, University of Utah; MS in Statistics, The Ohio State University

Year Started in Program: 2013

Advisor: Sebastian Kurtek

Interest Statement: My main research is in statistical shape analysis, which includes the development and application of statistical procedures to data consisting of shapes of objects. Specifically, I have been working on ways to incorporate landmarks into elastic shape representations, through developing a novel continuous shape representation which segments a shape into pieces based on landmark information. I am also interested in building models for the automatic detection of landmarks on shapes; inference is done using Bayesian methods. My career goal is to continue my current research and work on new problems in shape and image analysis in an academic setting, while also getting the opportunity to teach statistics to undergraduate and graduate students.

Justin Strait, Statistics PhD Student
(614) 292-1567
Cockins Hall, Room 304E
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