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Basic Statistics for Engineers

STAT 3450: Basic Statistics for Engineers

Introduction to probability; Normal distribution; Confidence intervals for means; Hypothesis tests for means; Multi-factor experiments; Experiments with blocking. Prereq: Math 1152, 1161.xx, 1172, or 1181, or equiv, or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 3460 or 3470. GE data anly course.
Credit Hours

The course number 3450 has been replaced by 3450.01 (typically in person) and 3450.02 (typically hybrid or distance learning).

Typical semesters offered are indicated at the bottom of this page. For confirmation check the Schedule of Classes list on the Registrar's website.

Recent Syllabi

AU20 STAT 3450 Duda [pdf]

SP20 STAT 3450 Bach [pdf]
SP20 STAT 3450 Duda [pdf]

AU19 STAT 3450 Bach [pdf]
AU19 STAT 3450 Kim [pdf]

SP19 STAT 3450 Duda [pdf]
SP19 STAT 3450 Jones [pdf]

AU18 STAT 3450 Jones [pdf]
AU18 STAT 3450 Kim [pdf]

SP18 STAT 3450 Donges [pdf]

AU17 STAT 3450 Donges [pdf] 
AU17 STAT 3450 Duda [pdf] 

SP17 STAT 3450 Duda [pdf]
SP17 STAT 3450 Strait [pdf]

AU16 STAT 3450 Bach [pdf]
AU16 STAT 3450 Strait [pdf]

SP16 STAT 3450 O'Neill [pdf]
SP16 STAT 3450 Pratola [pdf]

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