Bill Notz Featured in NBC4 Powerball Jackpot Story

January 10, 2016
Department of Statistics

Statistics professor Bill Notz is featured in an NBC4 story on the Powerball Jackpot. Notz gives tips on increasing the odds of winning the jackpot, including choosing random numbers and steering clear of common numbers.

Sir Adrian Smith Receives Honorary Degree from Ohio State

December 28, 2015
Department of Statistics

Statistician and Deputy Chair of the UK Statistics Authority Sir Adrian Smith received an honorary degree from Ohio State. Dr. Smith has made substantial contributions to the field of statistics and is a proponent of Bayesian statistics and evidence-based practice.

Congratulations to our Autumn 2015 Graduates

December 22, 2015
Department of Statistics

Congratulations to our 2015 autumn graduates!

Elizabeth Petraglia, PhD in Statistics
John Stettler, PhD in Statistics
Xiaomu Wang, PhD in Statistics
Jiaqi Zaetz, PhD in Statistics